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This is the Templar ending to Deaus Ex: Invisble War on the Xbox.

More information on this, and other endings, at http://www.game-endings.co.uk


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From: JC Denton

To: Mc Collins



Google: britney spears denim shorts





Разрешение на фотографирование с другом ученику __________ класса/группы


Имя, фамилия  ________________________


Соглашаюсь с тем, что мой ребенок будет фотографироваться с другом и фото файлы

будут загружены в интернет-магазин, чтобы их можно было добалить к своему аккаунту.


Подпись родителей и расшифровка ______________________________


Данное разрешение необходимо показать фотографу перед каждым



Без данного подписания (подписанного разрешения ) фотографирование не будет произведено.


Фото с другом.

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Из Истории.



КАК ЛЮДИ СОЗДАЮТ СЕБЕ БОЛЕЗНИ - "Возлюби болезнь свою".


At some point in our lives, I’m sure we’ve all questioned what happens after death. Do we go to heaven? Is there really a “hell”?

Is it the end of life, the complete emptiness?


Well, no more... See for 'Nanotechnology For Stupid People ™ '


Dr. Bates

I've just finished supervising the refit of the superfreighter fuel tanks to transport the virus -- this stuff should really be shipped in suspension crates, but I know you'll want to rapidly offload it once it reaches New York.  The Biocontamination seals will _not_ last past 36 hours, however, and a complete Level 4 sterilization of the tanks will need to occur once the virus is offloaded to insure that there's no incidental release.  I integrated some sealed pumping units into the tanks, so you should just be able to use standard YHU55 couplers and A0 micron hoses for transfer to the helicopters.  But tell Simons I'd still have everyone in hazmat suits the whole time.


Deus Ex Training, Part 4: What The Hell Is Wrong With You People?



credit.jpg Google: tikai skaidra nauda (tik skaids kad ir Latvijas Vards )

We get some complaints about this swimming obstacle because the water's contaminated. Recruits forget to grab the HazMat suit and end up in my office. Not pretty. Or they forget that they have to put the suit on by selecting it and pressing the left mouse button. Remember that the HazMat is disposable; you can wear it only once, and it operates only for a fixed duration. Use the ramp on the other side of the pool to climb out.

No. You get complaints about the swimming obstacle because even with the hazmat suit you get injured and what the fucking fuck? What possible purpose does this serve, Jamie? You're a doctor you bastard. Do No Harm. Why do you need to see if I can swim in a straight line in a hazmat suit anyway? And even if that is vitally important the water doesn't actually need to be contaminated. You could just say, “Pretend the water is contaminated," and I'd play along. Seriously, what's next? Having me defuse real bombs and get real bullets fired at me?
Wait! Forget I said that. Never mind. Do not take notes. Please, just pretend I never said anything.
Anyway, what is the real purpose of this? Is it just so you can watch me get hurt? It is, isn't it? That's why there are two windows in this room. The head of UNATCO, Joseph Manderley, is watching me through one of them while his secretary Janice Reed paces, you watch me through another window, and a female scientist looks at a monitor. You probably all have popcorn.
In fact, the the reason for it is probably to force the player to use the medical bot at the far end of the obstacle.  These can do for health what the repair bots do for energy. They can also install nano augmentations.
Before I used the medical bot I ate the candy bar. I healed two points of health. Does that make any sense? Does it matter?
It might be worth pointing out that Deus Ex has location specific damage, the locations are your right leg, your left leg, your right arm, your torso, your left arm, and your head. Each location has 100 points of health when healthy. If the torso or the head reach zero then you die.  If your arms and legs are damaged it's much harder to do things with them.  You can reach the point where you are no longer able to stand, for example.  (You will never lose the ability to crawl, otherwise there wouldn't be much point in the game going on.)
Moving on we meet another trooper, but I already told you everything he could possibly say. Past him we move into the next map. So I'll stop there for now.







Возлюби болезнь свою.

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where exactly is this damn back entrance to versalife


Head east after you've exited tongs place. There is an entrance to Canal Road there.

Then you just go left all the way and it's to your left.


The Hong Kong VersaLife facility is the headquarters of VersaLife (Unreal) in 2052. It is located in Hong Kong and is visited by JC Denton during Deus Ex.





"Мне штрашно!" тут


проспала когда вставать меня это и вырубило
если во вторую смену вставать это не так страшно, ча если пол девятого


Propaganda on display to brainwash staff members.

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SimonDenton Nov 14 2011

Good effort buddy! Keep it up!



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