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Christopher Dorner is first drone target on U.S. soil


Christopher Dorner, the homicidal former cop currently on the run from the LAPD, is a target of airborne drones on U.S. soil, an anonymous source told London's Express. A senior police source told the Express, “The thermal imaging cameras the drones use may be our only hope of finding him. On the ground, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.” The fugitive has already killed three people, according to police, and has a $1 million bounty on his head. Dorner, who has military training, is believed to be hiding in the wilderness of California's San Bernardino Mountains, where locating him without air support may be all but impossible.Editor's note: This story originally included a report that customs officials had confirmed the use of drones. The LAPD has offered no confirmation (or denial) of drones in the hunt for Dorner. The Atlantic also refutes The Express' claim that Dorner is the first person on U.S. soil to be hunted by a drone. In 2011, a North Dakota county sheriff used a drone to stalk three alleged cow thieves.





Meet Argus – New Government UAV Spy Camera Has 1.8 BILLION Pixels and Monitors 15 Square Miles in Live Video

1 million terabytes a day saved forever.


The ARGUS array is made up of several cameras and other types of imaging systems.


The output of the imaging system is used to create extremely large, 1.8GP high-resolution mosaic images and video.The U.S. Army, along with Boeing, has developed and is preparing to deploy a new unmanned aircraft called the “Hummingbird.” It’s is a VTOL-UAS (vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial system). Three of them are being deployed to Afghanistan for a full year to survey and spy on Afghanistan from an altitude of 20,000 feet with the ability to scan 25 square miles of ground surface.







Black Hornet Nano UAS Presentation in Afghanistan – Video



British Forces just released this video presentation of the Black Hornet Nano Unmanned Aircraft System that troops are using on the front line in Afghanistan to provide vital information on the ground.They are the first to use the state-of-the-art handheld tiny surveillance helicopters, which relay reliable full motion video and still images back to the devices’ handlers in the battlefield.


Source: YouTube/British Forces News

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