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Планета Deus Ex

Диалоги, что были исключены из DX.

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интересный поворт событий в черновом варианте - оказывается Тонг изначально планировал ликвидировать Джей Си. Забавно.


AlexJacobson You'll be working with your brother Paul from here on out. Find him by the hotel for a briefing.


FordSchick Don't kill me!

JCDenton Tell me what's going on here. What's this facility for?

FordSchick They kidnapped me. The antibodies... I was ordered to knock out certain sequences.

JCDenton Who kidnapped you? I don't recognize the uniforms of the soldiers.

FordSchick Hey, can you get me out of here? I'm friends with Smuggler. He'd probably give you a reward.

FordSchick I think the troops are security for some sort of biotech company. I don't have anything to do with it. I said I wouldn't experiment on people, but they just do the transfusions themselves.

JCDenton They're pretty well-armed for corporate security.


JC has just defeated the Smuggler's security system. The Smuggler is angry and a little scared. I'm not transliterating his accent, but maybe he has kind of a blue-caller New York twang in his voice.

Smuggler What do you want?

JCDenton Why the booby traps? Afraid of something?

Smuggler Just precautions.

┌JCDenton I got your friend out of the underground lab.

│Smuggler Ford? He's alive?

│JCDenton He's doing fine. Who were those troops? They didn't look │like NSF.

│Smuggler They must be CIA, or maybe Freemasons.

│JCDenton You in the black market? Is that why they call you Smuggler?

│Smuggler You need something?

│JCDenton Depends on what you have.

│Smuggler Since you helped Ford, I'll cut you a deal. I'll give you a │scope that will fit most handguns and rifles for 700 credits, a │bioelectric cell for 250, or some Light Amplification Goggles for │1125.

└JCDenton Against what?

│Smuggler Government's been having some kind of crackdown all year. │People I know, they've been disappearing.


│JCDenton Is that so?

│Smuggler Think it's a big joke? Lift up a grate in the street. │They've got my friend Ford Schick in a secret lab next to the sewers.

│JCDenton The sewers... Yeah, I found your friend. They had him doing │research.

│Smuggler Ford? Is he all right?

│JCDenton I tried to break him out, but he died.

│Smuggler Dead? Ford's dead?

│JCDenton I'm sorry. I wish I had better news.


The player overhears this through a speaker. Tong and Lebedev are talking to each other over an encrypted Internet audio connection.

JuanLebedev It's Paul's brother.

TracerTong Kill him. We can't take the chance.

JuanLebedev I can talk to him.

TracerTong Just get out of there. We lost the shipment but you can still bring me a sample. A few milliliters is enough.

JuanLebedev Trust me. He'll come over. UNATCO has a habit of overindoctrinating their agents. It'll backfire, just like with Paul.

TracerTong This socket is being monitored. Signing off.This branch disabled.

JosephManderley I'll definitely consider it, but first we've got to find Lebedev.

AnnaNavarre I am anxious to see one of the experimental agents perform.

JosephManderley You aren't alone, Anna.

AnnaNavarre And do not worry about Lebedev. We will find him.

JosephManderley We will, yes...

(to the player)

JosephManderley ... if the esteemed Agent Denton would get his ass to New York.


Paul, I know you said no phone messages, but South Street's going up in smoke. We'll have to meet at the subway station.


┌PaulDenton Good work -- the soldiers will take over now. My men are │in position, JC. We're counting on you to disable this EMP field. │Talk to the locals. The power source must be nearby.

└PaulDenton Subdued, JC. I didn't say "dead." Forget the street-─fighting. My men are in position, and we're counting on you to ─disable this EMP field. Talk to the locals. The power source must be ─nearby.


JCDenton How's life on the outside?

FordSchick So far, so good. I'm already back to my own research.

JCDenton What are you working on?

FordSchick Myelin. Sometimes we can't sell prosthetics because people are afraid of nerve damage.

JCDenton Synthetic myelin?

FordSchick A genetic treatment. I've thought for a long time that if we could make people's nervous systems a little more resilient, we could put a good price on some of the junk Smuggler has collected over the years.

JCDenton I see.


FordSchick Thanks again for getting me out of that lab.

FordSchick Smuggler said you've got a lifelong discount on anything he sells.

FordSchick I'd stay off the streets tonight. A lot of police activity.

FordSchick The cops are mopping up.

FordSchick I think one of the NSF leaders is still at large.


FordSchick Sounds bad out there.

FordSchick Hate to say it, but I don't think you stand much of a chance.

FordSchick If UNATCO doesn't want you to leave the city, you won't leave.

FordSchick I bet what they really want is to interrogate you about Paul.

FordSchick Even if you get shot up, I doubt they'll let you


PaulDenton We can't win.

PaulDenton There are too many of them.

PaulDenton They want to capture us. Otherwise, we'd be dead right now.


JCDenton I learned a few things about your captors. They were henchmen for a secret organization called Majestic 12.

FordSchick A corporation?

JCDenton Conspirators. They want to take over the government.

FordSchick Smuggler and I -- and a contact he has -- learned a few things ourselves. Where they had me working, we had tissue cultures coded JCD -- JC Denton.

JCDenton I must be some kind of standard, the yeast cell of the 21st century.

FordSchick They were our target system: zero response to the virus.

JCDenton Does that mean I'm immune?

FordSchick More than that. I think you've got the plague right now, and I think you've had it for years.

JCDenton Why don't I have any symptoms?

FordSchick It's part of your cell biology -- the core component of your augmentations. Which reminds me, I pilfered something from the lab you could probably use: an augmentation upgrade.


FordSchick The virus itself is a nanotech device; it just happens to have the same structure as the nanites that implement your augmentations

FordSchick Not sure why they want to infect the public.

FordSchick Perhaps they've developed a way to switch the viral effects of the nanites on and off.

FordSchick We certainly weren't the only lab looking at this issue.

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