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Планета Deus Ex

Deus Ex: Renaissance

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Всeм Привeт Я новичок на eтом форумe но хочу расказать о своeм Модe

Сори далшe по Англискии Русскои клавы нeт :wink:

Deus Ex: Renaissance is SP mod/campaign for Deus ex.


the story: the story take place after tong's Dark Age Ending.


You play as a nanoaugmened agent working for MJ12.

Your mission will be to bring Back the MJ12 former glory to the world.

Q:Why has MJ12 lost there power?

A: Yes they lost what made them strong and what let them control all human beings: GLOBAL SURVEILLANCE and they also lost theire former leaders Bob Page and Walton Simons.

Q:I thought there were only JC and Paul as Nanoauged agens?

A: NO!! "we got his brother and more are one the way" this is what Walton Simons said to Manderley back at UNATCO HQ in NYC.

the game will be linear and there won't be any side change but there 'll be Subquest and there will be one or two global decsion like, rule the world with an Invisble Hand a la Iluminati or by Military Power


Locations: the first part will be Paris.


New textures: Yes! paris special textures like the names of metro stations and streets


the progress: DX:R is 10 days old but work is going well.

half of the first level is done MJ12PARISHQ


the team: LordSandro alone, and I don't really need help, what I need is a fast computer for rebuilding large maps in UED...


New music: Maybe I'll add some new muic created by myself.


ScreenShots: I have posted some beta screens in the NewProject topic at dxalpha.com in the modification section

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