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Планета Deus Ex

Vanilla Matters


Рекомендованные сообщения

Этот мод появился относительно недавно.


Список изменений (неполный, на Английском):



- We now have our own launcher with raw input, borderless windowed and fps cap.
- Our installation now uses its own internal folder structure, including seperate Save folder.
- The Vanilla Matters option screen now includes FOV.
- We now have 2 quicksave slots.
- The game now autosaves at the start of a level, or after an objective is completed. There are two autosave slots.
- Various unwritten objectives now reward skill points unlike before.
- We now have an augmentation hotbar with rebindable keys.
- We now have thief-like stealth, darkness and shadows can have great effects on whether you're detected or not!
- Massive changes to AI behaviors, mostly related to combat and detection, they no longer automatically know where you are anymore.
- AI now picks more reasonable locations to search for the player.
- Massive gun overhaul, gunplay is now more like gunplay, guns work and behave as expected. New accuracy mechanics replace the original mechanics, we now have different states of accuracy, proper recoil and bloom, accuracy flinching and MORE!
- Stunning weapons now only stun and do no damage.
- Baton and prod can now headshot.
- Nightvision and infrared are now full screen.
- Tech Goggles can now toggle between nightvision and infrared (if infrared is unlocked).
- Previous weapon skill perks have been removed and reintergrated to the weapon themselves, and scale more naturally with skills.
- Environmental Training now gives a flat breath bonus.
- All damage resistance augs are now always active, and cost nothing.
- Powerthrow damage is reworked to behave like real life physics damage.
- Ballistic Protection now blocks a flat amount of damage instead of a percentage.
- Aqualung now gives a flat breath bonus.
- EMP Shield is removed, merged with Energy Shield.

- Energy Shield is moved to Subdermal slot.










Основные особенности:

  • Возможность назначать клавиши для аугментаций
  • Возможность менять местами предметы в инвентаре
  • Переделанные навыки
  • Переделанное оружие
  • Улучшенный стелс
  • Улучшенное ночное видение
  • ... и многое другое.

Мод распространяется с собственным .exe файлом, имеет встроенный ограничитель FPS.


Скачать: https://github.com/TheMarkie/VanillaMatters/releases/tag/v1.2.0b2

Инструкция по установке в архиве.

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