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Q&A: Stephane D'Astous, Eidos Montreal

Discussing Eidos' new studio and plans for the third Deus Ex title

by Michael French

November 30, 2007


On Monday Eidos officially opened its new Montreal studio, welcoming Canadian business and industry trade press to tour the facility. Develop was on hand to talk to studio head Stephane D'Astous about the building of the new studio, its first project Deus Ex 3 and plans for the future…


You said in the press conference that the plan for Eidos Montreal was for major IP, new technology, smaller teams and a 24 month production cycle. How is that going to be implemented and how was that approach decided?


Well, on February 15th this year Eidos announced Montreal was the place it wanted to build its next studio. Since then we have been growing, and we're on track for the business plan - the plan is for 350 new jobs over the next three years. We have three phases of that expansion - one per year. Right now we have one full dev team in place. The second dev team should start early next summer and the third team should start in early summer 2009.


Part of that involves sticking to a 24 month production cycle. This is very important because to be able to attract good talent we need a good cycle - 24 months is really the normal games production cycle, but because of the commercial pressure that developers and publishers have many try to desperately crank up games within 12 or 15 months. We don't want to go that way - and we want people to know that - because we don't think it's a good decision in the long term, and it hurts the quality of the game and reputation of the company.


And as you announced today, the first game is a new installment in the Deus Ex series…


Deus Ex 3 is an incredible title to be working on, and will also help us attract talent. Real gamers, serious gamers. It's a big mandate we have received - and we take it very seriously. We have done our homework and we have done a lot of research into it. Our proof of concept was approve last month on our first try - I think we've impressed our colleagues back in the UK. We were so pleased that he vision we have for the game was shared and accepted by them. Now the challenge is to realise our conception into concrete code.


The Deus Ex series itself is quite highly regarded by both journalists and a number of developers, and given how the original creators have all gone on to work for Disney, EA and Midway how are you going to prove to the cynics that your new studio is worthy of the series, of the challenge?


All the developers working on Deus Ex 3 pretty much know the series inside and out - coming here, they were pretty aware of the opportunity and what they could do. We did our research to find out what worked well, what people enjoyed about it - especially the first game. The second was a success in the eyes of some, but had some ups and downs, so we've tried to identify what worked well in that game. Most importantly, we're extracting what worked well and can be applied now. In the five, six years since that series arrived technology has changed significantly and we have to be careful - we don't want to create more of the same. Instead we've identified the features that can be transposed well onto new technology that arrived several years later.


On the technology front - I understand you're using Eidos in-house technology, specifically the Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider [next-gen] engine, for the new game. Is that correct?


Yes, this is a very important factor for us. In former positions where i worked technology was always a grey zone, a question mark. I'm relieved that here at Eidos we have two great internal engines - one from IO Interactive and one from Crystal. We chose the Crystal engine because we plan to help develop this engine more and then share it back with the rest of the company, the other Eidos studios. Having that technology from the start gives us a great advantage and foundation for our coders - there are no doubts about the approach, and we have few uncertainties. We just want to all work together on improving the same technology as we develop our game.


Will having that fixed technology base also help keep the team sizes down?


Definitely. We have sent out several of our staff to Crystal Dynamics to learn about the engine, and the relationship we now have with that studio - and also IO Interactive - is really special and will help us a great deal. I couldn't say that at my previous employers. But IO Interactive, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal see themselves as the major locomotives for Eidos to really generate and create great games. We're sharing - our teams are not in competition.


To me, IO Interactive have made a great game in Kane and Lynch - I think they've pushed the limits in terms of content, and a new IP like that is always risky - and Crystal Dynamics has done a great, great job with Lara Croft. So we're in the middle of them now, trying to learn and make our own great title.


I guess, when it comes to doubts over Eidos Montreal handling Deus Ex, it's worth bearing in mind how Crystal Dynamics reversed the fortunes of the Tomb Raider brand…


Indeed. And there are other titles that Eidos own which have great value to them but they haven't been given much attention recently. Montreal is being seen as a great spot to give new life to these franchises. Our first challenge is a major one in Deus Ex - but if the company doesn't do anything with these franchises people will eventually forget they existed.


So Eidos is in a situation where it cannot permit that to happen. We also cannot let ourselves take four years to develop a game, unlike some other Montreal projects - so that plays back into us building a game in a time frame that is reasonable to everyone.


Staffing the studios in Montreal is a hot issue, with some saying that the region steals talent from abroad, or that it has to take from the studios nearby. So how is Eidos Montreal approaching it's growth plan?


About 80 per cent of the staff is from Montreal or elsewhere in Quebec. The rest come from further out, though. Our lead animator is from Scotland, we have programmers from Romania, our narrative game designer is from the States, and we've got some other international talent set to move over here soon too.


Will Eidos Montreal always be working on revamping existing IP?


The first project, as we know, is Deus Ex and that's an existing IP. The next game we start next year is also a current property that Eidos owns. But the third will be an original product. So we have a good three step process that not only helps grow the studio but lead towards original IP. I'm really happy with the plan. We're ahead of schedule too.


What about the new QA team at this studio - how does that work?


We have to distinct groups here at Eidos Montreal, and one of those is the QA team. They will be QA for all of Eidos' games around the world. This team - currently at 25 people - are testing games by other internal Eidos studios and its third-party partners too. Any game on any console that Eidos puts out will be tested by the team here at Montreal.


You helped Babel grow its Montreal base and now are helping Eidos, so you seem to be a key person to ask on getting that right; what's the secret to setting up a games company in this city and succeeding?


You need to find the right core staff - that's everything, and that's why it's taken us time since the announcement in February to show what we're doing. And you have to share the same vision and passion with those people. That team must also have some trailblazers because people want security - and standing out can guarantee that. In Montreal the gaming industry is growing, and there is good talent, with the critical mass growing. Obviously there are other cities in the world which can be good for a studio to set up in, but for me Montreal gathers a number of factors together; we have great schools, a great middleware scene - Autodesk and Softimage are based here - and a good scene for animation and visual arts. The way to succeed is find the right point that takes advantage of all of those things.


Несколько слов о биографии Стефана (взято с сайта eidosmontreal.com):


A seasoned manager, Stéphane D'Astous has been active in the technology sector since the early 90's. His management skills have contributed to the growth of many a company, and he has quickly made a name for himself thanks to his expertise in strategic and operational management, recruitment and mentoring.


After launching his career as project manager in the aeronautics industry, working for companies such as Bombardier and CAE, Stéphane combined work and a passion for video games by holding senior positions in Montreal video game companies. As the director of operations for Ubisoft Montreal, he skillfully managed the company's rapid growth, from 450 to 1,450 employees in three years. Stéphane then became Chief Executive Officer at Babel Games Services, a major gaming industry subcontractor, before Eidos selected him to launch and manage their new North American Studio.


A born Montrealer, Stéphane graduated from the University of Montreal in Industrial Design and holds a Master's degree in Business Management from the École des Hautes Études Commerciales, as well as a Certificate in Project Management from the Project Management Institute. He is the proud father of three teenagers, Tamara, Antoine and Vincent, with whom he shares his passion for video games.

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Eidos Montreal Talks Deus Ex 3

Using Crystal Dynamics's Tomb Raider engine. Just don't expect the game to arrive any time soon.

by Martin Robinson, IGN UK


UK, December 3, 2007 - Following the official opening of Eidos's new Montreal office, studio head Stephane D'Astous has spoken out about its first project, the long-awaited Deus Ex 3.


Talking to Develop, D'Astous set out his vision for the third instalment in the critically revered series, and acknowledged the weight of anticipation surrounding the game, noting, "Our first challenge is a major one in Deus Ex [...] All the developers working on Deus Ex 3 pretty much know the series inside and out - coming here, they were pretty aware of the opportunity and what they could do. We did our research to find out what worked well, what people enjoyed about it - especially the first game."


D'Astous also revealed that Deus Ex 3 would utilise Crystal Dynamics's Tomb Raider engine, last seen in this year's Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Don't expect the game any time soon, however - D'Astous noted that "because of the commercial pressure that developers and publishers have, many try to desperately crank up games within 12 or 15 months. We don't want to go that way - and we want people to know that - because we don't think it's a good decision in the long term".


We'll have more on Deus Ex 3 as development continues.

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Don't expect the game any time soon, however - D'Astous noted that "because of the commercial pressure that developers and publishers have, many try to desperately crank up games within 12 or 15 months. We don't want to go that way - and we want people to know that - because we don't think it's a good decision in the long term".

Да уж... Если разработчиков так будут торопить, вряд ли что-то хорошее получится.. Скорость пойдёт в ущерб чему-то; либо качеству графики игры (и мы получим DXIW), либо, что хуже, её содержанию..

Давайте "держать кулаки" за то, чтобы на разработчиков не сильно "наседали".

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Вот, очень неплохой комментарий с описанием трейлера и некоторых высказываний от разработчиков



А ниже читаем интервью от сайта 1up.com:



(Опять же обращаюсь к общественности - если кто-то возьмётся за перевод, сообщите сюда плизз. Я помогу, но нужен перевод основного текста. Конечно же статей и обмусоливаний будет ещё n-количество, так что думаем о перспективе ((= )



What's the Deal with Deus Ex 3?

Find out what the Eidos Montreal team think of Invisible War.

By Philip Kollar, 12/03/2007


Eidos Montreal general manager Stephane D'Astous proves himself a true Canadian in the first moments of our conversation. Before we can get to the subject at hand -- last week's anticipated announcement of Deus Ex 3 -- he almost laboriously turns the conversation to the weather. "We haven't got so much wind," he says, "but it's pretty damp. It gets through the clothes and to the bone."


Soon cold will be the least of D'Astous's worries; his team at the newly-formed Eidos Montreal studio has been given the opportunity to create the next chapter in a much-loved and very divisive franchise. Naturally, forums exploded to this announcement with a healthy mix of excitement and skepticism. A brand new studio taking on a series that had already been mishandled once before? D'Astous agreed to speak with 1UP about how this happened and Eidos Montreal's plans for Deus Ex 3.


1UP: Let's start with the obvious question. Confirmation of Deus Ex 3 was really big news for a lot of gamers, but the press release didn't mention one fairly important thing: platforms that the game will be appearing on. Are you guys ready to talk about that? Can you at least tell us if the game will appear on consoles or PC or both?


Stephane D'Astous: Well, we did that on purpose, because we wanted to tease. I think we've successfully done that if we look at the forums and all the websites. What I can say is that our business plan here in Montreal, which was announced back in February of this year, basically we said that we are going to work only on triple A major titles and only on next-gen technology and PC. We're also going to have smaller development teams of 80 members at the peak, but by achieving that we need to give the dev teams at least a 24-month period of production. If you read between the lines, I cannot say exactly which are the platforms that we'll be working on specifically. It's going to be announced in maybe early 2008 or maybe summer. But we're not working on current or last gen, it's next-gen and PC.

1UP: Both of the previous Deus Ex games had a sort of public mouthpiece behind the vision that the games had. For the original it was Warren Spector and with Invisible War it was Harvey Smith, both of whom have moved onto new companies now. With Deus Ex 3, would that position be filled by you or someone else at the new Montreal studio? Or is that an approach you guys are moving away from altogether?


D'Astous: It's pretty much your option C. It's going to be a team effort. We must remember that Eidos really owns the IP. Obviously it came from the ideas of Mr. Spector, but I think we have very knowledgeable people in the UK. [Eidos product director] Ian Livingstone knows the whole story behind Deus Ex; he was even a writer if I'm not mistaken. He's been helping us out from a distance. But we've done our homework. We're a studio where big egos are not really welcome. It's really a team effort, and we have a very experienced team.


People that we've hired were truly enthused by the first Deus Ex. They know the game by heart. They know what worked and what didn't work. I think the proof that we've done our homework is that our proof of concept was accepted five or six weeks ago on its first pass even with the expectations from the UK set very high. The guys here really worked very hard, and we passed with flying colors. We're very eager to show all the fans more stuff, but each thing has its timing. We wanted to do the first teaser video, which was done in record time, but we knew we needed to show something. I think it gives a little bit of the look and feel of where we're going. We obviously don't want to show everything in the first teaser, but there's a lot more where that came from.


1UP: Does the Montreal team have any developers who worked on either of the previous games?


D'Astous: From Ion Storm? Nope. Our team here is basically several people who've worked on triple A titles, but no one from Ion Storm.


1UP: Going back to Warren Spector for a minute, then, if you don't mind -- obviously, as you said, Spector was extremely important to the development of the original game and he also oversaw some aspects of Invisible War. As recently as a year ago he was quoted as saying that he'd love to return to the franchise at some point. He's got his own studio now (Junction Point Studios) and is doing his own thing, but have you been in touch with him at all or do you expect to be? Even just as far as going to him for advice?


D'Astous: What I can say is that we spoke to Warren -- several people from Eidos did. Very often in life, it's a question of timing. As you mentioned, he has his own studio now that was pretty much bought up by Disney, and he's also working on personal projects. There was a lot of interest on both sides, but at the end of the day it's a question of timing. That's really all I can say.


1UP: Deus Ex has a sizable fan base, and you pointed to the forum reactions toward this announcement as proof of that. But many critics and gamers were left disappointed with Invisible War. What strengths and weaknesses from the previous games are you trying to emulate or maybe overcome with the new title?


D'Astous: Without going into specifics, what we've done the past several months with both games is read a lot of archives about how it was perceived. There's obvious features that we definitely want to continue. I think the dialogue, choice versus consequences, the depth and richness of the game is something that we will certainly conserve. There are other more specific features that we want to keep.


Everyone knows what worked well on the first one and what the second one tried, but now we're five years later, even seven years later from the first Deus Ex. I think we have the possibility to have a fresh look. I think the franchise is at a turning point in its life where new blood will be good, but also respect for the history of that great franchise. With the new technology available now, we really want to give a second wind to this franchise. Games don't last forever. Deus Ex came out in 2000, seven years ago. If we wait any longer, I don't think that's a good thing, but we don't want to rush production either. That's why we're working on a schedule that we're trying to respect as much as possible, but definitely the game will not be published until it has obtained a certain level of quality according to us.


1UP: A huge part of the appeal of the Deus Ex franchise has always been the story. In his article on Deus Ex 3's announcement, 1UP writer Mark Whiting pointed out that "it's often been said the original Deus Ex could (or would) never have been made in post 9/11 America." Given the controversy of the plot in Deus Ex, can we still expect that level of conspiracy and shadowy government activity to remain a focus of the new game?


D'Astous: Conspiracy is something that's really intriguing when it's well-done. Conspiracy stories don't hold the road when they aren't well-developed. The success of the first game lies in that it was very well-done. The storyline was well-built. We're going to be working hard to have a solid and in-depth storyline that will give players the chance to replay.The replayability is also very important. At Eidos we'd like to think that our games are very character-driven. We need strong characters and strong stories. So one of the factors that's very important to us is the game's stamina, its replayability. This will come naturally if we do our homework, and we're driven and motivated to do that. A conspiracy story is definitely an option for us to do.

1UP: I'm sure you can't get into any story specifics yet, but overall are you looking at Deus Ex 3 to be a continuation of the stories being told in the previous games--


D'Astous: [laughs]


1UP: --or do you want to do a fresh start in the same world?


D'Astous: I'm very sorry, but I cannot answer that. We have something that will please the fans that are loyal to the franchise. We'll do everything to respect their following. We're also going to try to bring in some new blood to keep a well-balanced interest in the game. I cannot say when and where the story actually takes place. That's a little too much information for now. Next year we'll be announcing all of that.


I invite all the fans that are interested to participate on our forums. My producer and I wanted to get the forum activated at the start of pre-production, right now, not at the end of the game. We don't just want to see the reaction once the game's released. We have the forum up for pre-production so that the people that want to have accessibility to the developers have a chance to speak, to exchange with us directly. This forum is read by the whole team. It's not something that's not used. Every day I take at least 15 minutes to go through the discussions to see what's on the minds of the people we're making the game for.

1UP: That seems like something fans would get into.


D'Astous: We're trying to get everything in place to make sure that people -- well, when we speak about Deus Ex, obviously there's some passion. And passionate people sometimes get protective. We understand that the reactions are very strong. We expect all that and anticipate all kinds of reactions. We're very honored to be mandated to do the next Deus Ex. I just want the fans to know we'll be working very hard. We'll listen to them.


1UP: In your list of things that the new Eidos Montreal studio is all about, one of the things you focused on is long production cycles. The press release for Deus Ex 3 also mentioned that you're still planning to hire new people for the team all the way into 2009. Given these statements, we should probably expect a long wait before we see footage or hands-on previews for Deus Ex 3, huh?


D'Astous: We're working with the PR department to make sure that we time releases of trailers and information in coordination with the production cycle. I would like to say that by summer next year we'll have a couple of big things to show. It wouldn't be in our favor to wait until 2009 or whatever to show something. We're confident in what we're doing, so we'll definitely want to release some content eventually. So fans shouldn't despair, I'd expect more information on what we're doing next summer.


1UP: And as far as a release time frame, you're not estimating until at least into 2009?


D'Astous: Again this information will be more precise in the next press release, but if you understand our studio philosophy of having a 24-month production cycle, that gives you an idea of where we want to go. I fought for having a minimum of 24 months for pre-production and production, excluding conception, which can go quite a long time. Since we successfully passed this gate, we want to have a minimum of 24 months to do our job.


1UP: Blacksite: Area 51 is another recent game that was a franchise revival of sorts, although not nearly as anticipated as Deus Ex, but Deus Ex: Invisible War developer Harvey Smith was also a lead designer on Blacksite. That game got some pretty average review scores. A couple of days ago Harvey Smith gave a presentation where he said that the project was "so f***ed up" and discussed a lot of the problems they had with development including a lot of trouble from the publisher. How do you guys plan to avoid these same issues?


D'Astous: It's funny, because Harvey actually gave that speech at the Montreal International Game Summit this week, and some of my staff exchanged a bit with him at the convention center. We're aware of what you've just said. I think the publisher of Blacksite is maybe in a different situation than us. It's a priority for Eidos to give second wind to a couple of IPs that have been on ice for a couple of years. We have a tradition of high-quality games, and the games that we're working on will find merit in having a minimum duration for production. Eidos Montreal is very transparent. We're anti-bulls***.


Our production team right now is 35 or 40 guys, and I said to them, "we're working for this type of date. I won't come back in three months or six months to say I'm taking off three months or giving you three months more. Don't expect more time or less time." We're truly sticking to our guns, and we're comfortable with our business plan for the studio and for Deus Ex 3. My producer and I are product management-driven. We don't like to force bad surprises on our studio. We're very much in touch with people that need to be creative, but we also need a certain frame that people can work within, so we've put everything on the table for our staff. They know they need to come up with a great game by this date. So there's no bulls***.


1UP: That will make a great headline. "Eidos Montreal: No Bulls***."


D'Astous: And just one more example of how we're trying to be transparent: this Saturday in Montreal, we're opening our doors to do an Open House. We're inviting the public, the families of the employees, and even the competition to come walk through our studios and see what we're all about. In the future, if there are some fans that would like to come down to Montreal for whatever reason and go through our studio, it would be our pleasure to organize something. We really want to work closely, not behind closed doors.

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Вот краткое содержание этого интервью.



Директор Eidos Montreal Стефан д'Асту дал интервью сайту 1Up, приоткрыв завесу тайны над Deus Ex 3. Подобно Deus Ex: Invisible War, новая игра разрабатывается не только для PC, но и для современного поколения консолей (для каких именно, станет известно весной-летом 2008-го). В основу DX 3 положен движок от Crystal Dynamics, создателей Tomb Raider: Legend и Tomb Raider: Anniversary. После того, как он будет улучшен силами монреальнцев, его станут использовать и другие студии Eidos.


В коллективе Eidos Montreal нет ни одного выходца из Ion Storm. Они связались с Уорреном Спектором, но, несмотря на интерес к проекту, он не может бросить основанную им студию Junction Point. Впрочем, как утверждает д'Асту, его подчиненные знают Deus Ex наизусть и стремятся сохранить ее ключевые особенности: диалоги, решения, влияющие на дальнейшее прохождение, запутанный сюжет о теориях заговора. С другой стороны, они считают, что к серии необходимо привлечь новое поколение игроков. Для этого Eidos Montreal уже открыла официальный форум проекта и обещает прислушиваться к мнению фанатов.


При этом о самой Deus Ex 3 по-прежнему известно немного. Изучив чуть ли не под микроскопом раскадровку первого видеоролика, которые мелькают на экране за пару секунд, фанаты предположили, что игра является приквелом первой части Deus Ex, а ее главной темой станет широкое распространение имплантантов. Д'Асту намекнул, что официальные сведения о сюжете будут обнародованы ближе к лету. Полный цикл разработки займет 24 месяца, поэтому Deus Ex 3 едва ли появится на прилавках раньше конца 2009 года.

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По слухам (линк) некий Thierry Doizon будет работать над скетчами и вырисовывать арты к игре

У него есть свой сайт, где он опубликовал некоторые из своих работ http://www.barontieri.com/

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Ожидаю унылое говно.

Создает не Ион Шторм с Уоррен Спектором. А вобще какой то там офис Эйдоса.

Судя еще по тому что видно на скринах видимо План Дентона провалился или провалился но не до конца и все таки не все люди были нассыщены Нанитами.

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Дентон а почему именно план с нанитами?

Да и вообще действие игры происходит в 2027 году. По Библии Deus Ex Пол Дентон родился только в 2018, а в 2028 мать Пола уже ждала JC.


Да и кстати Эдиос не какой то там :!:

Ребята из той конторы умеют делать качественые игры. Да и на Игромании кажись было написано, что Эдиос Инт. будет пытатся перейнять тот опыт что и у Ion Storm. Они кажись даже будут сотрудничать на мелких условиях...Да и я врятли думаю что Эдиос запустит так игру...они знают на что делать упор игры. ИМХО

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Ожидаю унылое говно.

Создает не Ион Шторм с Уоррен Спектором. А вобще какой то там офис Эйдоса.

Судя еще по тому что видно на скринах видимо План Дентона провалился или провалился но не до конца и все таки не все люди были нассыщены Нанитами.


гы ) а ты сравни концепт первого DX и сам готовый продукт - они нифига не клеятся друг с другом, непохожи. за редким исключением некоторых лиц персонажей, класический америкоский комикс с футуристическим стилем (лаборатория тонга например), все главные или второстепенные герои шварцы, все плохие или "плохие" парни (девочки) тоже крутые, даже бомжы на улицах ))) Типично так по америскоски - страна героев и патриотов-фанатиков. Тем не менее конечный продукт радует глаз и приятен.

Вот вторых как они отнеслись к озвучке помниш? было набрано всего-то около десятка людей. Английским по черному в библии и в интервью они говорили что делали упор на персонажей, на атмосферу. Этого было мало но оно нам впилось в моск, оно запомнилось - не потому что мало а потому что оно было сделано с чуством.


Тебе запомнились герои (положительные\отрицательные) DX-IW? ты даже их имени не вспомниш =) а какая там атмосфера? постоянное ощущение что ты в большом невидимом кубике, но ты его чуствуеш =) собственно он был консольный изначально... этим все сказано. Такие игры не делают на консолях, они не получатся тем что от них ожидают. Хотя концепт весьма актуален готовому продукту почти 1 в 1.


DX3 приговаривать к растрелу еще оч рано.

Изменено пользователем Miray Keeriam
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Дентон а почему именно план с нанитами?

Да и вообще действие игры происходит в 2027 году. По Библии Deus Ex Пол Дентон родился только в 2018, а в 2028 мать Пола уже ждала JC.

давайте дождёмся середины 2008 (по словам директора студии), когда нам расскажут о сюжете и обо всём остальном.

Если кто внимательно следил за последними событиями, тот мог увидеть, что в первом тизере была надпись на коробке "biopolitic vote 2027", но этот ролик быстро заменили высококачественным, где год 2027 был успешно убран из текста. Не ожидали пиарщики, что фанаты окажутся такими дотошными :!:

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На форумах сайта deusex3.com объявился админ и напомнил о существовании эидосовского форума, который они малость преукрасили судя по цветовой гамме и хэдеру.


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Немного запоздалый перевод самого первого интервью со Стэфаном. В нём он описывает принципы формирования новой команды в новом офисе в новой обстановке нового времени...



Огромное спасибо переводчику за работу над текстом.

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Спасибо Дентон!

Люди, которых мы наняли, являлись истинными почитателями первого Deus Ex. Они знают эту игру назубок. Они знают, что сработало, а что нет.


Могу сказать, что мы разговаривали с Уорреном — кое-кто из Eidos это делал. Как это бывает в жизни, время покажет. С обеих сторон присутствует значительный интерес, но пока могу сказать только то, что всему свое время.


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На официальном сайте группы разработчиков появился раздел downloads(=

Там содержатся два больших (убогих по сравнению с оригинальными) лого с надписью Deus Ex 3, чрезвычайно загадочная картинка с изображением "H+", которая повергает нас в шок и все хором восклицают при виде её - "Да это же произведение искусства!!" и... лого эидос-монреаль... как они себя любят, прям, хоть кипятком окатывай

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...которая повергает нас в шок и все хором восклицают при виде её - "Да это же произведение искусства!!"

Это сарказм?


Нет серьезно, раздел "download" выглядит несколько... комично. :lol:

Изменено пользователем Starscream
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Ну, начинается... (= Один жалкий концепт-арт (который вероятнее всего фейк) заставляет фанов сгущать тучи предположений, догадок, мифов и мистических способов утечки отдельного контента из рабочей зоны разработчиков в монреале... http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=76375


Димон, сэнкс за хот-ньюс

Предположим, что это ПЕРВЫЙ арт к DX3, но, вспомним, сколько было чудесных артов к DX2, которые небыли реализованы.

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Ну, начинается... (= Один жалкий концепт-арт (который вероятнее всего фейк) заставляет фанов сгущать тучи предположений, догадок, мифов и мистических способов утечки отдельного контента из рабочей зоны разработчиков в монреале...

Ну не зря же ты описал топик как слухи, сплетни и т.д. :lol:

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Видео-сюжет из эидос-монреаль. Короткое интервью со Стэфаном


Интересно видео. Что-то у них там никто не работает, а только игрушки гоняют ))) Хотя это наверно специально перед прессой так.

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